Clyde Andrews Plumbing Limited Trading as


Terms and Conditions of Sale


It is important for you to understand our responsibility to you as well as what we ask of you.


We will carry out the work you have asked us to do to the standard of best trade practices and in a timely and courteous manner.

If we are working for you for the purposes of your business as defined in the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, the provisions of that Act do not apply to our work or services. The Act is not excluded in any other case.

If we have given you a firm quote for the work we are doing for you then we will send you an account only for that amount. To be regarded as a firm quote, the price must be set out in writing and clearly marked as a firm quote with full details of the work to be done for the price.


To pay our account on or before the 20th of the month following the date on which we send it to you. Any accounts unpaid after that date shall be regarded as overdue.

We are entitled to charge interest at 2% per month (calculated on a daily basis) on any overdue account, which shall not be regarded as paid in full until that interest is also paid.

If we spend money to collect an overdue account from you then all of that cost becomes part of the overdue amount.

We shall also be entitled to cease work on your job if any account owing to us is overdue.

To advise us promptly of any dispute that you have with the manner in which we have carried out your work.


We reserve the right in some circumstances to ask for payment in advance for materials, appliances or other items which we are required to purchase in order to carry out the work you have asked us to do.

The ownership of any materials purchased by us for the job remains the property of Laser Plumbing Tauranga Central until you have paid our account in full. We reserve the right to enter on to any property to recover those items should we need to do so and to register our ownership of any of our property in your possession in the Personal Property Security Register.

Laser Plumbing Tauranga Central is owned and operated by
Clyde Andrews Plumbing Limited